Here’s a list of providers who offer free dental CPD.  They’re separated into two main categories:

No catches or hidden costs, just free dental CPD

Free (ish)
Some catches or costs, we’ve provided full warnings and instructions so you can get the most benefit for free without getting caught out with charges.


Once you’ve done the learning, you’ll probably want to save it to your CPD Log and there are 3 easy ways to do this, depending on the provider.

1. Use automatic importers: Just log into and click CPD Log > Import your CPD and your records and certificates will be copied over into your CPD Log within seconds. [Importers: Quick Guide]

2. Use the LogMe button: Add the LogMe button to your browser’s toolbar and press it to add your current activity to your log. You’ll be able to upload certificates too. [LogMe Button: Quick Guide]

3. Get free verification from us: some services will want to charge you a fee for your certificate (!!). In those cases, you can get your certificates for free from us – just follow the guidance we’ve provided on those specific pages.

As always, if you need any help with getting your CPD logged, contact at any time.

Have fun!

❤️ your CPD



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