Free (ish)

These sites are mainly dedicated CPD providers.

The CPD is free-ish – there are some costs – and some are more hidden than others.

There’s nothing wrong with companies charging for their products or services, of course, and you may decide to pay up. However, it’s important that you don’t get tricked into paying so we’ve provided warnings where they seem necessary.

In all cases, you’ll need to register with them first. Some will give your certificates immediately, others may charge a fee for the certificate.

Don’t let that put you off doing the courses, though, as we can supply you with the certificates for free if you prove to us that you completed the course.

If you see the cloud icon on the description page then it means that you can automatically import your records and certificates from that site to your CPD Log using the Dental CPD Pro importer

If there isn’t an importer, the next best way to update your CPD Log after eachCPDPro-LogME-button course is simply to add the LogMe button to your browser and press it when you’ve completed the study.

However, if it is a site which charges you for certificates then just follow the specific guidance we give you and we’ll help you get the certificates for free and add the CPD to your log quickly and easily.


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