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This site offers the courses listed below as video presentations. You can watch the first 5 minutes online but to watch them in full you’ll have to download the files.

There is no certification currently available from this site. However, after you complete a video over there, you can return to this site to verify the CPD and obtain your certificate. 

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Diabetes and the Mouth
Through a series of interviews, a consensus of leading experts in the fields of Periodontology, Epidemiology, Endocrinology and Primary Care review the latest findings on the links between Periodontitis and Type 2 Diabetes and guidance on patient management.

Effective Patient Communication Part 1
This programme examines effective communication of preventative messages in a clinical setting and offers 10 top tips to help clinicians improve the effectiveness of their patient communication.

Effective Patient Communication Part 2
Building on the 2005 programme, this programme examines the impact of different personality types on effective communication of preventative messages and how various personalities will respond to health advice and the manner in which it is delivered.

Side effects of common medications in the mouth
This CPD programme is a guide for the pharmacy team. In this programme you will look at different side effects that a variety of drugs have on the mouth and how some can be effectively alleviated through simple modifications of the patient’s oral hygiene regime.

The Mouth: An Essential Guide for the Pharmacy Team
This programme reviews various aspects of oral health and disease, and oral care advice given by the Pharmacy Team, taking them on a journey through the mouth, how it changes through different life stages; and advice on basic oral first aid and common oral problems.

Evidence-based Prevention in Practice: Periodontal Health
This is the third CPD programme within the Colgate Oral Health month series. This program builds on the last two CPD courses which focused on effective patient communication. Part three of the series will focus on evidence based preventative advice in preserving periodontal health

An educational webinar about Colgate Total and it’s benefit to your patients, with Diane Cummins; Colgate’s Worldwide Director for Knowledge Management, Oral Care Research and Development.

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