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This site offers the courses listed below, some as video presentations others as articles. The subject matter is varied.

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Wave One Gold – Shaping the Future of Endodontics
Presenter: Dr. Julian Webber

Impressive Impressions. Everytime…
Presenter: Anup Ladva and Neel Panchal, BDS, MJDF, GCAP

Why Don’t More People Go to the Dentist
Presenter: Kevin Rose and Rob Whittaker

Ultrasonic Scaling and Why a Multi-instrument Approach is Crucial to Patient Outcomes
Presenter: Joanne MacLeod, DipDH, DipDT RCSEd, MSc

Procedural Errors in Endo – How to Avoid and Manage Them
Presenter: Dr. Carol Tait

RestoDontics – Achieving a Good Coronal Seal, Post Endo
Presenter: Dr. Michael Davidson, BDS

Steeling a March: Why Nickel Titanium Should Replace Stainless Steel for your Root Canal Instrumentation
Presenter: Bob Philpott

Dentine Bonding Agents – How, What, Why, When and Where
Presenter: Nick Barker, BDS

Following the Right Path – Glide Path Management and Preparation
Presenter: Peet van der Vyver, BChD

Direct Composite Resin Restorations – Preparing for the Amalgam Phase Down
Presenter: Nick Barker, BDS

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth – The Science Behind It
Presenter: Dr. Carol Tait

Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth – Modern Materials
Presenter: Nick Barker, BDS

The Art of Digital Dental Photography
Presenter: Dr. Ian Cline

Modern Management of Dental Traumatology
Presenter: Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc

Light Curing in Dentistry – A Brief History and Update
Presenter: Dr. Robin Mills, BDS, MSc, DDS

Modern Obturation Techniques
Presenter: Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc

Dental Implants – Maintenance Strategies
Presenter: Shirley Branam, RDH

Key Concepts of Air Polishing
Presenter: Ms. Renee’ Graham, RDH, MEd

Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries in the Dental Profession
Presenter: Mary Somers, MCSP

Predictable Posterior Composites
Presenter: Carl Paisley, BChD MFDS RCS

What’s New in Endo?
Presenter: Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc

Implantology – Successful Impression Taking
Presenter: Dr. Johnny Fearon

Tooth Whitening – Evidence Based Facts
Presenter: Linda Greenwall, BDS MGDS, RCS MSc, MRD RCS, FFGDP

Modern Canal Shaping
Presenter: Mike Horrocks, BDS MSc

Modern Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease
Presenter: Dr. Ian Peace

Living with the CQC – What You Should Know
Presenter: Keith Hayes

The “Dahl Concept” – Current Concepts in the Management of Tooth Surface Loss
Presenter: Dr. Ian Cline