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This site offers the courses listed below, most as articles. The subject matter is varied and, of course, includes education about the use of mouthwash because Johnson & Johnson are the makers of Listerine.

Certification on this site requires that you pass a test and then wait up to 14 days for the document. If you would prefer to receive the certificate instantly, you may can return to this site to verify the CPD and obtain your certificate.

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Assessing patient oral health risks
The aim of this article is to explore three of the more common oral heath challenges seen in modern dental practice, alongside the possibilities offered by effective treatment and/or management to help dental healthcare professionals fulfil their duty of care to patients.

The challenge of dental anxiety
The aim of this article is to present a proven tool that dentists can use to assess a patient’s level of anxiety, as well as offering evidence-based advice to help sufferers in the dental environment

Gum disease: a systematic review update
The aim of this article is to provide readers with a systematic review update in relation to periodontal disease.

Meeting the oral care needs of our ageing population
The aim of this article is to consider the oral health implications of an ageing population in order to best equip dental healthcare professionals to deal with the growing conditions affecting their patient base.

Periodontal Disease Prevention: Top Tips
The aim of this article is to present practical tips to help dental professionals and their patients tackle periodontal disease.

Oral Diseases: Mouthwash Use And The Prevention Of Plaque, Gingivitis And Caries
The aim of this article is to present some recent findings relating to mouthwash use and the prevention of plaque, gingivitis and caries.

A Lecture With Professor Anthony Roberts: Understanding, Identifying & Managing The Periodontal Disease Process
The aim of this presentation is to examine common management challenges for patients with periodontitis, offering solutions for overcoming these issues in practice.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety With The Power Of Language
The aim of this article is to present some ideas as to how effective communication can help reduce patients’ anxiety associated with attending the dental practice and treatment.

The Value Of A Home Care Regime
The aim of this article is to consider how members of the dental team can work together to share the value of daily prevention to increase patient compliance.


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