Oral B CPD

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This site offers the courses listed below, most as articles. The subject matter is varied but the site is a little tricky to navigate.

Certification on this site requires that you pass a test after which the document is immediately available for download.


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Fluoride Dentifrices
This course is a review and update of cosmetic and therapeutic dentifrices, their impact on market shares and the development of multi-benefit dentifrice technologies.

Biofilm: A New View of Plaque
The primary learning objective for this course is to increase your general knowledge of the various ways that dental professionals have viewed plaque throughout the years, highlighting the current view of plaque as a biofilm and the ramifications for periodontal therapy.

Dental Implications of the ADHD Patient
This continuing education course is intended for general dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. The goal of the course is to increase dental healthcare providers’ understanding of treating the patient with ADHD.

Digital Radiography in Dentistry
This continuing education course will provide a foundation for understanding digital imaging technology, necessary equipment, digital imaging receptors, technique, acquisition, enhancement, transfer and storage.  Comparisons with film-based imaging as well as the diagnostic utility of digital images will be discussed.

Impression Making for Implant Retained Restorations
Prosthetic restoration typically requires multiple follow-up visits for adjustments that are generally negatively perceived by patients and time consuming for office staff.  Preparatory work includes assessment exam, diagnosis and treatment plan.  To achieve optimum results, an evidence-based approach can help achieve predictable outcomes.

Maintenance of Dental Implants
This continuing education course presents information on the maintenance of dental implants, including:  1) how to probe dental implants; 2) approaches to clean dental implants professionally during maintenance and peri-implantitis treatment; and 3) home care options for dental implants.

Mercury in Dentistry
The proper handling of mercury in the dental office is an important occupational safety issue for the dental team.  This course addresses not only patient safety, but also the occupational safety issues for the dental team.  The intent of this course is to provide the dental professional with currently available information about mercury hygiene.

Motivational Interviewing: A Patient-Centered Approach to Elicit Positive Behaviour Change
This continuing education course reviews the fundamental principles of Motivational Interviewing, a patient-centered, goal-directed approach for eliciting and strengthening intrinsic motivation for positive oral health behavior change. Guiding the patient’s internal motivation increases the likelihood that his or her ambivalence about changing will be resolved in the direction of change.

Oral Cancer
This course will cover the important general features of oral cancer, its causes and clinical presentation and how the disease is managed.

Xerostomia – A Continuing Challenge for Oral Health Care Professionals
Oral care delivered by healthcare professionals should be guided by best available scientific evidence. The purpose of this course is to provide information on Xerostomia, or dry mouth, a rapidly growing problem in the U.S. population and a xerogenic condition that has a variety of possible causes. Clinical guidelines for oral treatment and dental caries prevention in patients with chronic xerostomia are complicated by new products and therapies and need to be updated by dental teams on an annual basis.


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