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This site offers the courses listed below, some as video presentations others as articles. The subject matter is varied but the site is a little tricky to navigate.

You’ll receive a certificate immediately after you complete the course and pass the test. There is an importer available for this site so it’s very easy to copy your activity over to your CPD Log

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Snacking: Nutrition and Lifestyle Trends in the 21st Century
Juliet Reeves takes us through changes in eating habits that may be affecting your patients’ oral and systemic health. Take the course for 1 hour of verifiable CPD.

Biofilms: a new approach to Dental plaque
Professor JM ten Cate presented ‘Biofilms: a new approach to Dental plaque’, at his lecture at the BDA. Watch the lecture here for 1 hour of verifiable CPD.

Mike Dodds lecture at Clinical Innovations
Dr. Michael Dodds was a guest speaker at this year’s Clinical Innovations conference held at King’s Place in London. Watch his lecture here for 1.5 hours of verifiable CPD.

Saliva and Oral Health Part 1
This course will help you understand the vital part saliva plays in preventive dentistry and current concepts surrounding the impact of saliva on oral health.

Oral and Systemic Health Implications of Saliva
This presentation brings together some of the most current research regarding the vital part saliva plays in not only oral health but also nutrition, systemic and psychological wellbeing

Module 1: Mouth Maintenance
Saliva is a vital body fluid; without it, continued healthy functioning of the oral cavity would not be possible.

Module 2: Oral and Systemic Health
An update on the current associations between oral and systemic health, with a closer look at periodontal disease.


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